Meet the Team

Heather Raquel

Heather Raquel

I have a gift for conversation and can get along with just about anyone. That’s why I’m the “People Person” at Rainmaker. Whether I’m reaching out to our clients via phone about new product offerings or posting to our social media sites my primary goal is to make you feel welcome. Plus, I also provide social media services for our clients. After all, good communication will grow your social media efforts and enhance your marketing reach. I think that all great leaders are even better servers, and I’m here to serve you!

Fun Facts:

  • I own my own media company called “HUSH Lounge Media” and I have an Internet radio show called “HUSH Lounge on Air”.
  • When I grow up I plan on being Oprah Winfrey.
  • My favorite thing to do is cook. In my mind I am the Top Chef. If I had a restaurant it would be called “Château De HUSH”.