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How to Choose the Social Media Channel That’s Right For You

Social Media No Comments May 26, 2016

No strategy for social media marketing fits every business, and it can be overwhelming to determine the most effective approach for your company.  Which channel will work best for you? How often should you post?  How do you know if you’re reaching your target audience?

Many people lose their business focus while becoming social which can have a negative impact on their business – or, just as bad, no impact at all. A solid, well thought out plan will help you stay focused.

Last week, our Master Gardener Chris Miller and Design Cultivator Traci Fogle led a session at Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce to help small business owners determine which, if any, social media channel was right for them. We got such terrific feedback that we’re sharing the process!

Use our Social Media Questionnaire to determine what type of social media platform you’re looking for. Do your clients communicate best through images? Are they most interested in coupons? Or is it informational text that appeals to them?

Use our list of popular social media platform descriptions to select which channel seems like the right fit for you. Are there channels you’ve never heard of? There are hundreds of them out there! Pick the ones that are the best fit for your company.

Take a look at the “Do’s and Don’ts” of posting on social media and get started reaching your audience!

E-mail Chris to let us know what social media avenues you’ve chosen. We’re looking forward to following you on social media!

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