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Focus On What’s Working

CJMiller Art No Comments November 28, 2016

I’ve always enjoyed discovering creative marketing solutions for my clients. After reviewing their business goals, I love the process of “rainstorming” fresh ideas. Last fall it struck me that I use a very structured method for getting into this receiving state, so I decided to write a book about my process. The book uses my abstract painting as a metaphor and is titled, “Attaining the State of A Spiritual Artist.” You see, the creative process I use for my clients is very similar to the creative process I use when painting!

So despite a heated election, a volatile economy and challenging global events, every business person should remember to “Focus on What’s Working.” When you follow this practice, that part of your business will grow and expand!

If you’d like some help focusing on what’s working, just give me a call and I’d be glad to rainstorm some solutions to grow your business!


A selection from the chapter “Focus on What’s Working”attaining

“A discerning eye learns to see the natural beauty in things. Even if you were to dump random colors of paint on a canvas, I promise you that there will be an area of interest in the results. Some interesting group of line, color and value will rise up above the rest of the chaos. When you are intentionally present, you can more easily see what’s working. Put your attention in that area of potential and begin to expand its’ influence outward. In time, you will begin to notice that the area gets larger and the muddy, incoherent areas of your painting will slowly disappear. This is a powerful spiritual practice for your life as well. By being the observer of what is working, those areas will expand.”

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