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9 New Age Ways to Advertise Your Brand

Uncategorized No Comments September 15, 2020

By Alina McCarran
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

In this day and age, advertising has become very dynamic and has opened many new possibilities for brand owners. There are several new age ways to advertise a brand and reach the target audience effectively. As a brand owner, you can make good use of these methods and gain an advantage over the competition. If you want favorable results in a short time, then you have to look for something that gets you there immediately. This article gives you the most essential nine new age ways that you can make the most of to advertise your brand.

Read on to learn more about them and make your brand successful.

1. Focus on Social Media
It is very likely that you will find your target audience on social media which is why, that should be your primary focus. Create a marketing strategy around social media networks and platforms so you can instantly reach out to the consumer. Social media is one of the best ways to engage a larger audience and generate traffic as well. If your post is appealing, the customer will instantly tap or click on it and visit your web page. This way you not only build upon brand awareness but also advertise your products effectively.

2. Announce Giveaways and Introductory Offers
A useful giveaway and an attractive introductory offer can immediately catch the eye of the consumer. You do not have make it anything big but a few simple giveaway including notebooks, journals and pens can go a long way in making the customer feel valued. It also brings in new customers who may not purchase anything but will definitely go through what your brand has to offer. With introductory offers such as discounts, you can further motivate consumers to look through your brand. All of this can be easily done on social media networks where you can announce the giveaways and offers to your audience.

3. Use Email Marketing
Most people do not use email marketing to advertise anymore but it can be of great help. There is a large group of consumers who does get all their information about brands and products via emails. Create an appealing campaign that can be sent out to existing client lists as well as new ones. It could be about you launching your brand, revamping it or announcing a new product or service. You can even send out regular newsletters through emails and keep your audience informed. Surveys and trend reports have proved that brands that opt for email marketing manage to connect with consumers easily.

4. Strengthen Your Brand Identity
Your brand identity design can actually make a huge difference here. Think of it this way, when you send out an email telling people about your brand, what’s the first thing they will notice? Mostly, the logo which is your brand identity that speaks out to them. If that is unique and catches the eye, then it’s going to make the consumer interested in exploring further. Even if you are a digital marketing or promotion agency, ensure your advertising logo design matches with your agency’s vision and mission. Look at the BBDO, Ogilvy or Saatch & Saatchi logos for instance, these are the most recognized advertising logos in the world and stands out anywhere. While your service may be excellent, it goes without saying, your logo is the first thing that people will you judge your work by. So make it a strong brand identity.

5. Host a Live Event or Webinar
This mainly involves either hosting a presentation on a common network where your audience can be found or hosting a live event. Nowadays, it is easy to connect with audience online virtually via video links or social media networks. You can conduct Q & A sessions, make announcements and tell people in detail about your brand in these sessions. If your audience is active on beauty forums or groups, inform them about your live webinars and events through those.

6. Link Your Customers with Reviews
When it comes to this, what you have to do is get your customers to leave reviews about your brands to convince new ones. Consider this for a minute, how many times did you click on a product but it had no reviews so you didn’t buy it? Most probably, a lot. Psychology has proven that people need to be convinced about their purchasing decision. If there are great and good reviews about your brand, you have a higher chance of taking your brand to the top. Getting reviews is not that difficult and can be easily done through review tool.

7. Post Video Content Regularly
Posting video content is not just about advertising on YouTube and other video platforms but also making sure that consumer concerns are addressed. These could be anything ranging from safety procedures to the quality of the materials used. You can make a video yourself or have a team member do it and then post it on your website and social media pages. Take this for an example, in these uncertain times, brands such as McDonald’s have and are putting out video content addressing COVID-19 related concerns. CEO of McDonald’s Philippines, Kenneth Yang, addressed the customers via video and promised that the franchise was taking every precaution possible.

8. Connect Virtually with the Audience
The popularity of virtual meetings in the recent times have certainly made this easier. Brand owners and managers can interact with their target audience via Zoom and engage with them on a one-one-one basis too. This could also turn into a virtual event, meeting or panel where you can collaborate with influencers. All you have to do is convince the consumer that they shouldn’t miss out on joining in virtually. This is strategy can really work in your favor when it comes to attracting new customers and increasing website traffic.

9. Use Call to Action Signatures
There are call to action signatures which can be added to emails when they are being sent out. Look at this way, how many emails does each member of your team send out in one day? Surely, the answer is many. When you include a call to action signature instead of the usual ones with job descriptions, you can actually get the attention of a customer. It’s one of the best ways to advertise your brand without being intrusive.

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