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Rainmaker Advertising provides elite customer service and one-of-a-kind creative solutions to innovative businesses.
We’re an intentionally small business because we like working closely with our clients in an intimate setting.
And, we’re up-to-date in the latest and greatest marketing solutions.

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Rainmaker Advertising, Supporting Your Business Growth Online

Rainmaker Advertising has produced their own live event, the Urban Artist Market, for more than two years as an event management business. From concept to creation, Rainmaker Advertising handles sponsor solicitation, exhibitor sales, attendee marketing, and production of this successful event with more than 65 participating exhibitors and thousands of attendees. COVID was indeed a […]


About Us

All things creative. That was the vision of Chris Miller when he founded Rainmaker Advertising, a full service agency with expertise in print, Web, video and marketing campaigns. Since 1997 our focus has been the same: our creativity is still blooming and we still love helping our clients grow their businesses. Through our unique process of “Rainstorming,” we’ve created a downpour of results for more than 200 clients from diverse industries throughout the country. Our staff provides the best in creative direction, marketing research and implementation, copywriting, graphic design, website design and programming, project management and communication strategies for your company.

Grow your business. Make it rain. For more information on how we can help you cultivate your business, contact us at 972.788.2599, click here to email us.


Rainmaker’s Core Philosophy Statement

  • As a boutique agency, Rainmaker Advertising provides premium customer dialogue, superior design and innovative marketing for our clients regardless of size.
  • Rainmaker will do everything within our power to provide efficient, effective project management in a timely manner.
  • We expect our clients to trust our professionalism, design abilities and marketing experience.
  • We can only take our clients are far as they’re willing to go.
  • Rainmaker is about life balance. We believe that work and play should come together. If we have to work after hours or on weekends, then we’ve somehow failed our obligation to this commitment.
  • We welcome the opportunity to determine, research and implement solutions for client challenges.
  • We do our best to stay in the vortex (aka, “in the zone”) every day.

Meet The Team

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Rainmaker Advertising has deep, deep roots. In addition to our well-grounded staff, our branches reach far and wide with access to countless marketing and creative professionals.


Christopher J. Miller

Master Gardener

I’m X-Ray Man. I specialize in seeing through the muck and mire of your organization and finding your true selling […]


Julio R. Sanoja

Virtual Team Digital Marketing

I’m a bilingual engineer with 20 plus years of remote digital experience in lead generation, search engine optimization and digital […]


Gloria Evans

Print Specialist

I’m the one who’s ‘on the road’ most of the day, out and about meeting with vendors to ensure they […]


Bandit & Roo


Meet Bandit and Roo, our company mascots and all-around stress relievers! They enjoy a nice scratching behind the ear, a […]


Kris Hundt

The “Snap” Dragon and Social Butterfly

As Rainmaker’s “Snap” Dragon, I’ve been a professional freelance photographer for more than half of my life. I’ve been telling […]


Jose Rodriguez

Virtual Team Web Designer

Specializing in WordPress Web Design and Development, it has been my sole passion to design websites that challenge my creativity. […]


If it requires creativity, we can do it. Whether you require an individual marketing element or an entire branding campaign, we've got you covered. Don't see a service listed? Just ask our Master Gardener, Chris.

You want consumers to immediately think of your company when considering the products and services in your industry. Just as cowboys brand cattle to claim ownership, you must brand your company. In branding your company, you’re attempting to position your name above all the others in your field. You must identify how consumers view you, how you want them to view you, and what you want to communicate to them. Take a look at this article about the Top 10 Branding Mistakes.

Branding your company may seem like a daunting task. Since it involves all aspects of your enterprise, all divisions, the visual presentation of your brand, your communication (both internal and external) as well as your competition, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. If you were concerned for your health, you’d visit a doctor – a professional who was trained to help you. You want your company to live a long and healthy life. Make an appointment with us and we’ll see that your brand identity thrives.

If you look in your desk right now, you’re sure to find a stash of brochures that you’ve accrued over time. A well-designed and expertly written brochure will almost always be saved. Consider them tangible “favorites” in the Web browser we call life. Speaking of the Internet, many businesses in the last few years have turned their noses up at the idea of a printed brochure. But … why? Every business needs physical material to represent their products and services. Until we all have chips implanted in our brains so that we have a constant stream of all knowledge, there are countless times when the distribution of printed information is integral to the success of your business. The experts at Rainmaker will happily guide you and help you create an outstanding brochure that is sure to be a long-time “favorite.”

Why does your company need a catalog? That’s simple. Because you want people to buy what you’re selling. For as much as your customers rely on the Internet for information, they still want something to carry along with them to look at offline. As is the case with all of your business communication, you want your catalog to be engaging, exciting and enticing. The design of your catalog is crucial to its success. The skilled eyes at Rainmaker are always open. We’re ready to help you produce not only the catalog of your dreams, but the catalog of your customers’ dreams.

You know your company’s strengths. You believe in what you’re selling. Now, how do you most effectively spread the word? Your copy has to be precise and interesting. Furthermore, your online writing needs to incorporate all of the keywords that you want search engines to find. After all, you want your name to come up first. Dave Davies of Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization suggests Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website with content creation.

But, text on a page isn’t enough. “Content Creation” doesn’t simply refer to your copy. This is a much larger category than ever before. Your content includes your graphics, video, animation, and audio. Creating content for a website is more like producing a film than ever before. Each element has to be perfect, easily found, exciting and powerful. Just as a film needs a director, you might need help in your content creation. At Rainmaker, we’re ready for “action.”

Have you noticed that we’re overwhelmed with information lately? We each know what everyone else is doing at all times of the day. Very often, it’s difficult to sort through all of the data which constantly bombards us. As business owners, we want to communicate our corporate message. It’s our goal for people to know what we’re doing. So, how do we get the attention of our customers when they’re trying to wade through hundreds of other messages?

As much as we rely on digital information – which is readily available to anyone at anytime – there’s still a need for direct mailing. With direct mail, you know that you’re targeting people who are interested in what you have to say. It’s a much more personal way of spreading your message. (For a very thorough study of direct mail campaigns, check out this article.)

Sure, some recipients may throw it away, but not before they touch it and at least look at it. That’s more recognition than you’d get with a quickly sent Tweet which is lost amongst dozens of others. Rainmaker can assist you with all aspects of your direct mail campaign from concept and design to managing the mailing list. Let us help you reach out to your customers.

With one glance your logo says exactly who you are as a company. The color, the shape, the design, the font – they all represent your company’s values. After all, your logo is the centerpiece of your branding efforts. It’s your snapshot for the world.  It’s your own personal character in the business alphabet.

Sometimes you’re too close to your own company to create your own logo. When you’re embedded in a venture and all of its details, it’s hard to look at it with a clean and clear mind. There’s a lot to consider when designing your logo, and you’ve got to be sure to represent everything about your company in one simple, easily-comprehended image. It’s like chipping away at a hunk of marble to reveal a gorgeous statue. We can help you sift through the dust to uncover the logo that best suits you.

You want to reach people who will be interested in your business and what you’ve got to say, and you want to do it when they’re relaxed enough to be receptive to your message. The tried-and-true magazine ad is still one of the best ways to reach your target audience.

Magazines offer you an open door into the homes and offices of the people you most want to reach. They also offer you a wealth of layout options and give your business the slick look that you want. Sometimes navigating your way into a magazine ad can be difficult. We’re experts at it. Let us show you the map which will lead you to that open door.

Your marketing plan is your roadmap for the next one to five years. It’s your list of marketing objectives, initiatives and goals. It tells you where you want to go, how you want to get there and how much you want to spend along the way. Creating your marketing plan is your opportunity to review your resources, measure what you’ve already done, size up the competition and look to the future. This planning process is an exciting time. Still, even for corporations with huge marketing departments, it’s a tiring and difficult task filled with ups and downs.

We’d like to be your partner on the marketing plan teeter-totter. We can help you balance your past performance with your upcoming goals to create a sound marketing plan that you can easily communicate with your customers – both internal and external.


Philanthropic organizations, non-profit groups, public broadcasting and educational facilities are among the main entities that require membership support for survival. The contributions of members and the membership dues that are paid to these groups are the primary funds that keep them functional. Developing a solid, engaging membership campaign is sometimes the only path toward success for these helpful institutions.

At Rainmaker, we’ve assisted dozens of organizations in crafting successful membership campaigns which have enabled a variety of services to continue their vital work. We’d like to help you help your community.

Rainmaker Advertising has access to an entire suite of printing and fulfillment companies.

Anyone can put up a website these days. Tools are available to all of us which make the creation of a page almost fool-proof. But does that mean that it’s a good webpage? Will your page attract your target audience? Does it truly communicate your message? Can it offer something to potential customers? Will search engines recognize it? Is it something people will want to share with their friends and coworkers? A bad website is worse than having no site at all.

Just having a website doesn’t necessarily equal success. You’ve got to think of your site as a living, breathing thing that must grow and evolve. You can’t let it get stale and die. Our proven track record in creating outstanding websites makes Rainmaker an excellent choice to help you conceive, nurture and grow your digital presence.

Traditional marketing, which we’ll refer to as “outbound marketing,” involved your efforts to actively search for customers. You would throw fistfuls of informational pebbles into the air and hope that one of them landed on the right noggin. “Inbound marketing” takes a different approach. With this newer idea, customers are finding you because they’re interested, because you’re offering them something that they want.

Speaking of blogs, they’re an excellent inbound marketing tool. For that matter, so are Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites. By utilizing these tools, you’re creating an attractive presence for yourself – one that will draw customers to you. Instead of trying to hook the fish, the fish are swimming to the boat! But that can be a big boat to navigate on your own. We’ve made it one of our missions to stay abreast of all of the trends and upcoming opportunities with social media and inbound marketing. We’d love to share what we’ve discovered with you.

Rainmaker offers tiered SEO packages that will enhance your viability with the top search engines and thus promote better ranking performance. Some of the options we offer in our tiered monthly packages include social bookmarks; blog entries on your blog based on website relevance; blog comments with backlinks; articles created and submitted to 100 or more websites; directory profiles; and .edu and .gov high-value backlinks.

It’s hard to get noticed in todays world of overflowing inboxes and piles of junk mail. One of our boutique services is creating specialty marketing campaigns to an exclusive target audience that’s sure to make an impact. Whether you’re trying to get your foot in the door or just trying to reconnect with old clients, a unique direct mail campaign can make all the difference!

How many of you dread trade shows? Does the very thought bring images of standing behind a plastic-draped folding table in a crowded hotel ballroom? That doesn’t have to be the outcome. In fact, trade show appearances can be one of the most valuable marketing tools in your arsenal. The two keys to a successful trade show are effective planning and the ability to stimulate your customers.

By being seen by your target audience – and by showing up your competitors – you can make a huge, positive impression. From creative concept through implementation, Rainmaker knows all the tips and tricks to make sure your trade show experience is a successful one.

It’s no longer just a prediction: video is here.  

And it’s here to stay.

It’s now well-established and the majority of consumers have shown a distinct preference for video when searching for information online. Forrester Research Group says “video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine.”

Video is the ideal medium for distributing product information, user instructions, employee training, branding, client testimonials … all aspects of marketing, really. It gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers in a personal way which is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses.

Rainmaker has extensive experience creating videos for our clients, and it’s more cost-effective than you may think. Given that people of all ages have diminishing attention spans, a video as short as 15 seconds can convey more than thousands of words may in other mediums. We can create a video tailored to your product, service and audience that can be used on your website, throughout your social media, and as part of an integrated email marketing plan. Take a look at some of the videos and then give us a call.  We’ll show you how.

Rainmaker can serve as your outsourced marketing department and will use the comprehensive skill set of our staff and extensive network of experienced long-time associates to provide project administration, marketing consultation, Web programming, graphic design, social media experience, copywriting, and more. Our responsibilities will include monitoring timelines, providing individual estimates on marketing projects, and pursuing fulfillment bids from three different printers. One of the advantages to contracting with Rainmaker is that we have the resources to skillfully perform a wide range of tasks concurrently.

P.S. By re-allocating a budget usually spent for one employee, you’ll benefit from access to the talent pool of an entire advertising agency!

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