Our Work

CSLDallas Adventures in Spirit Campaign

CSLDallas gave Rainmaker the task of branding their annual Adventures in Spirit giving campaign with the tagline they chose for this year’s campaign: Reaching to Infinite Heights. Rainmaker was able to design a unique, eye-catching campaign, while sticking to their strict design standards. As a multi-part campaign, we designed a cohesive look for several different pieces including:

  • Newsletter & Large Envelope
  • Q & A Brochure
  • Giving Card
  • Letterhead & Envelope
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • and incidental campaign components

A unique request of this particular client was that all of the pieces be designed so they could print them on their in-house printer. This provides a challenge for the designer because printed pieces cannot bleed to the edge of the page, and must be designed for the printer’s limited parameters, but we embraced these specifications and provided the client with professional, polished campaign collateral that met all of their specifications!