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Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez

Specializing in WordPress Web Design and Development, it has been my sole passion to design websites that challenge my creativity.  I like to put together a plan working on projects, finding ways to make everything needed for your website work together efficiently before the creative process begins.  I have established my portfolio working primarily with small businesses and non-profits, and the old ways of word-of-mouth business have gotten me further than modern methods. I am excited to be part of the Rainmaker Team!

Fun Facts:

  • A favorite movie scene that perfectly describes my approach to working on projects: Avengers Infinity War, the scene where Doctor Strange sees into the future. When asked by Spiderman, “What was that?” Doctor Strange responds, “A look forward in time, to view alternate futures. To see all possible outcomes of the coming conflict.” I always find the one of 14 Million Six-hundred five ways to win that works best for the project without compromising client wants.
  • I speak three languages: English, Spanish, & Brazilian Portuguese.
  • I have a lot of stories to share about Petunia, my 200-pound potbelly “mini-pig.”


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